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Rates and insurance coverage


In the Netherlands everyone is required to purchase basic health insurance. Most (basic) hospital care is covered by this basic insurance. How much is covered depends on your deductible and on your policy and policy conditions.

If you are not insured or are not insured in the Netherlands, you are responsible for the costs yourself. The bill for the treatment will be mailed to your home.

Referral required

Hospital care is covered only if you have obtained a referral in advance and the referring doctor is approved by your health insurer. In addition to general practitioners, the following may provide referrals: medical specialists, physicians for patients with intellectual disabilities, geriatricians, pediatricians, occupational physicians, psychiatrists, obstetricians and dentists. Other physicians may be approved depending on the health insurer and policy.

Uninsured care

Care that is not a medical necessity (such as cosmetic surgery or sterilization) is not covered by basic insurance. We call this uninsured care. In other words, you have to pay for it yourself. You can ask the hospital for an estimate for these types of treatment. In some cases the treatment may be covered by supplemental insurance.


If you don't know whether a test or treatment is (partially) covered, or if you have questions about your deductible, please contact your health insurer in advance!